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Singapore 23rd March 2013

Got late last night after a busy day in and out the office…I had tickets for the Roots & Rock festival last night which saw 2 of my favourite musicians (Bonnie Raitt and Paul Simon) perform, so could not let that go. I used to play Bonnie Raitt songs in the Seventies, so there you go, a bit of nostalgia…

I blogged about media facades in the past but was sent a link yesterday to what must be the ultimate in façade lighting projection technology…3D mapping. But real 3D like what you see in the movie theatres. The technology has progressed to a level where you can experience 3D without glasses. One of my friends in Singapore sells the technology for TV screens and I can say from personal experience it is amazing. So I am therefore not surprised that it is now finding its way on the building facades. There are several companies in the world specialising in “3D” projection, but technically it should have been named 2D as most of the time what you see seems like an animated movie projection. Maybe with improved technology the 3D looks more real with projections coming out of the façade.

While spectacular (and spectacularly expensive), I cannot imagine this taking great flight on any commercial roadside building. The implications for safety and security would be too great. The distraction and possible scare to unsuspecting passers-by, whether pedestrian or motorised traffic, would cause a real and present danger…this kind of commercial activities can to my opinion only be applied in a controlled way; controlled in the way of location, controlled in the way exposure. As you could classify this as a show, I would imagine after the initial excitement interest would quickly wear off, bringing it then back to the level of street “noise”, your regular multimedia billboard type of advertisement to which you hardly pay attention.

It will be interesting to follow its development though to see how far this will reach and how eventually this will be regulated…

Light Watch 4-51: See LG’s commercial launch in Berlin making use of the 3D building projection. See for yourself in the video link below.
Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=XVTga6GmbGw&vq=medium#t=74



23. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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