Singapore 13th March 2013

It’s funny how the number 13 has always had this “unlucky” superstition attached to it. Today is the 13th March 2013. Two 13’s in there for you… I am not really superstitious, though I have had a keen interest in numerology. For that reason I started KLD on the 1st January 2011 (1-1-11)…who knows if that has had any influence on the companies energy and wellbeing, but so far so good. When you travel around you will note, specifically in this Asian region, that unlucky numbers such as 4 and 13 are being avoided in many different ways. In several airplanes you don’t have seat 13, its 12 and then 14. It is the same for building floors; most of the time it is 12 then 14, sometimes 12A.

So what about numbers in our lighting design practice? You may not want to have your office at nr 4 or nr 13 or on the 13th floor. I certainly watch out for it. What about project numbers, do you avoid project with a 13 in it? While I did use 13 in my project numbers both 13 and 113 were unsuccessful projects. Is that proof of 13 being unlucky? When it comes to numbers of light fittings in layouts, do you sub-consciously add or delete one so you don’t end up with 13 fittings in a space? I do keep an eye out for it as I generally like balanced layouts and 13 does not really sound like a balance lighting layout 🙂

When it comes to lighting levels it does not really matter as we all know that 13 or 113 or 1313 lux does not really exist in a constant situation. Lighting levels vary continuously so a computer generated value of 13 does not hold strongly. You will note that there are hardly any lighting manufacturers that have lights with 13 degree beams!

Finally when it comes to fee proposals do you work out your fees into such figures that they either don’t have a 13 in it or don’t add up to 13 (4)? I certainly do! It may sound silly and superstitious to some of you but I have been long enough in Asia to appreciate and at least respect all these things. Enjoy the rest of your 13th March!

Light Watch 4-44: As it turns out this light watch is a triple 4! While searching for some images I found an assignment by a student called Devyn who had to express Friday the 13th with lighting. She had a little Friday the 13th doll and lit it from different angles…:)







13. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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