The “Diva”

Bali 23rd February 2013

You have to excuse me but indulging in a $1000/night retreat is not an everyday thing so I preferred enjoying last night rather than locking myself up to write my blog! I am still in Uluwatu, Bali but writing this blog poolside, in my own private villa, courtesy of my client…thank you!

One of the things that always amazes me is how some designers get away with “diva” attitudes. Given, some are really “celebrities” and their extravagant behaviour is somehow expected or better said tolerated but most of the time it shows total disrespect to the rest of the consultant’s team. In one of our projects we have such “diva” who never fails to arrive late, sometimes up to half a day! Not just 1or 2 hours. It may happen once, but this has been a standard occurrence ever since I got involved in this project. They then come in with much fanfare and we than need to sort of recap presentations for their sake…double waste of time! And on top of that this “diva” is not really an internationally acclaimed designer…

Project meetings, which involve international consultants, are generally tightly managed as we are all together for only one or two days and cover as much design issues as possible during that short time. These meetings are generally attended by the company or project directors hence all our time is expensive…diva or not 🙂

Light Watch 4-33: In my last blog I showed you the difference between a beautiful rendering and the actual site conditions, with a site picture taken from the same angle as the rendering. Today I want to share with you how much lighting designers further improve on renderings (at least we do) by showing you a typical rendering by the interior designer and the real lighting design version. That too is pretty much is quite a difference, literally day and night! See below the before and after renderings. Have great weekend… I am going back into the pool!

23. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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