Singapore 19th February 2013

This year is shaping up as an interesting year in regards to speaking engagements. As you grow older (and supposedly wiser) you have more experiences to share and being able to do so with your peers and the younger generation is an opportunity that I gladly take on. I use my blog as platform to share my daily life as a lighting designer, but public speaking engagements are another step up.

I am currently working with conference organisers in Doha, Qatar for a lighting design event to take place later in May. After a more or less disastrous experience last year I was originally rather reluctant to participate but with new people and a lesson learnt it seems we are on the right track to create an event that is not just a money making event for the organisers but a sincere attempt to create awareness of the benefit of better lighting design. I am certainly putting my few little cents worth of effort to achieve a good outcome for all.

I am also pleased to have been selected as a speaker at the PLDC event in Copenhagen, Denmark late October, early November. It is a huge honour to have been selected as speaker for this event as above all this is a gathering of professional lighting designers from all over the world! I am excited and look forward to share my stories about the LED cowboys and other adventures! It is a sort of coming full circle as I started my studies as Industrial Designer in the Seventies (which eventually would lead me to my lighting design profession) with a trip to Copenhagen visiting the famous Danish design schools…

Finally I am also in discussion with a new event to take place sometimes in the second part of this year in India. It is still early days and details are still confidential and being developed, but on the back of my two participations in the Acetech events in Mumbai over the last few years I have been asked to be part of the advisory committee. It will be another big architectural lighting event by the looks of it…Keep you posted!

Light Watch 4-30: Sometimes we come across interesting creations…life is about surprises, interesting twists, the unexpected…that’s how our experience over life is build up! Here is an installation with a glass floor, opening up onto a wine cellar in the basement lit with blue LED at night…

19. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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