Reality check

Bali 21th February 2013

With the rain driving in nearly horizontally into our meeting room windows, straight out of the sea, it was kind of bonding us together inside…another day of design coordination meetings, they can be long dreaded, but are very important for the future success of the project. The stormy rain also brought our thoughts back to earth, the reality of resort life; it’s not always sunny with blue skies! We tend to dream away with our design creations and the simple rain storm made us realise that we need to design for real life…including heavy storms!

A reality check can only happen when you are on site, which is why these site meetings are so important. I have said it before and I am saying it again, we do not design from behind our desks, we need to go out there and feel real life in the surroundings of where our projects will emerge. I think we all know the beautiful renderings that we see to illustrate how it is all going to look like. Unfortunately in the process of doing so some creative liberties are taken to beautify the end result. Omission of surroundings in a rendering is a classic trick to allow everyone to focus on the actual design only. But the reality is that there is a surrounding, and it is not always pretty.

Light Watch 4-32: Here are two renderings, each one followed by the reality check from what the real view is from the purported rendering viewpoint…rather different don’t you think? In this part of the world most power grids are above ground so you have to deal with a spaghetti of wires weaving through the air from pole to pole…it is highly unlikely that we will be able to have that section of power cables go underground. The road itself is very narrow so we can’t really stand back that far and our view is obstructed by trees, signs and other building structures…dreams and reality…



22. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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