Perth International Arts Festival

Perth 9th February 2013

Perth has put in a lot of effort over the years to grow its annual arts festival into an international event of repute. I have missed recent years due to travel, but this year I am here and don’t want to miss the opportunity to attend some of the events.

But before I headed out to the Festival I had a rather “dull” day at the office where I spent most of my time preparing for our India trip next week…not much Chinese New Year holidays for me this time…we are off to Goa for a site visit and present some lighting concepts so we put the last hand to our PPT presentations. I place great importance to our presentations as they are the reflection of our professionalism. Specifically our renderings are a show piece showing the various layers of lighting we intend to apply. It’s all about visualising…one picture tells a thousand words as they say.

With CNY holiday closures ahead we also had to make sure all our travel was finalised, issuing the fight tickets, international and domestic, airport pick-ups, hotel confirmations, meeting schedules…all in a day’s work :). All got neatly confirmed by the end of the day, so we are good to go, which gave me a relaxed feel at the end of the day when I left to enjoy the Festival. Perth’s nice balmy summer nights are famous and last night was the no different. While we are off to another scorcher (39) today, last night was nice and pleasant…thousands had flocked out to see the many events. My choice was the centenary celebrations of the UWA, where 10 multi-media projectors were used on its famous Winthrop Hall to relive its 100 year history. It was a good job by Iluminart.

Light Watch 4-25: Multi-media projection on UWA’s Winthrop Hall last night…there is definitely something magical about lighting!
Wishing all my friends and colleagues a happy and prosperous lunar new year of the Snake!

09. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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