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Perth 6th February 2013

I don’t know about you, but most of those email forwards you get from “friends” are a waste of time. Some of them even urge you to pass it on to 10 others within 24 hours or bad luck will come over you…the pressure! They normally go straight in the bin. But once in a while I get some that are out of left field (literally in this case :)) and just totally blow you away…specifically if they have a very strong relation to our lighting design profession. I was forwarded an email of a “house” called the Nautilus, build in Mexico City (also doing a hoax round as being Sachin Tendulkar’s new house in Mumbai). What amazes me is that the whole thought and concept of the house is not only original (naturally organic) but also in terms of lighting very creative and “natural”.

It takes courage and some vision to develop and create something like this (like it or not), or even live in it! The story mentions Javier Senosiain as the architect who’s idea it was and who came up with the concept, but it does not state how the lighting design was conceptualised to harmoniously fit with the overall approach. Nowhere is there an actual light source to be seen (love it, my kind of approach!) yet all lights, night or day, seem to emanate from the building itself, from niches, wholes, openings or through transparency. Colours and pure natural finishes make the whole feeling extremely organic.  Admittedly I had a little “Hobbit” feeling when I first saw it but it sort of grows on you.

The natural lighting flow may make it a very pleasant and relaxing space and I wouldn’t be surprised it is a very “healing” place to be, simply because the natural daylight intake and the organic way (the artificial) lighting has been integrated in the overall concept. I think it can be a great inspiration for lighting design…

Light Watch 4-23: If you have not seen it before here are some pictures of this “shell” ….

06. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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