Bali 20th February 2013

From Goa to Bali…guess there is worse in the world 🙂 … The thrills and spills of our profession. I am here to attend project coordination meetings and assess the current state of the adjacent project site that has serious exterior lighting and maintenance challenges. It is without a doubt that maintenance of any completed project is key to its longevity. I think we have all been there where we come back to a project a few years after its opening and hardly recognise it back. Only once you start looking around more carefully you see “remains” of the initial design. It happens all the time certainly in this part of the world where maintenance is a virtue!

This afternoon and evening I went through the property of which I am doing the adjacent hotel addition, to see how we could bring it back up to acceptable lighting standards. With the new lighting in the hotel extension it will be imperative to upgrade and upscale the existing lighting to match and make it one flowing property, visually speaking. The type of issues I came across are so typical, I could have commented on it without even seeing it! I did not design the original installation nor do I know the (budget) history but it was literally glaringly obvious that shortcuts had been taken in the procurement the light fitting and the implementation of the design. I am  pretty sure the light fittings were not as specified or selected by non-lighting designers, probably engineering departments, possibly driven by local supplier input with as result; poor quality, poor performance, many not working or falling apart, with wrong locations resulting in poor light distributions. Overall the ambience was non-existent with no spatial definition, no visual guidance and the resulting appearance reflecting poorly on the hotels image!

Can it be rectified…probably. But with circuits tripping and a poor maintenance regime it will take more than replacing and redistributing the lights. As far as I am concerned we need to re-circuit and re-install the whole lighting installation as by now it is impossible to determine where the tripping is originating from, could be anywhere! Do it right from the start…but that will need a committed client ($$$) and a committed (and trained) maintenance team for the future well being of the lighting!

Light Watch 4-31: The pictures below from this afternoon are mostly self explanatory!


20. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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