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Perth 4th February 2013

Back in my Perth office, “enjoying” the Perth summer while I still can, time flies!  The nice thing about the Perth climate is that while it may be hot(ter) during the day, at night it cools off to the low 20’s, even below, making it nice and cool as a contrast, not the continuous humid climate day and night like in Singapore…no let up there. The only way to get cool is to go into an air-conditioned space. It is very likely that it was my exposure to the cool air-conditioning and hot outdoor temperatures that caused my sick-flu symptoms in Jakarta last week….

Today I dealt with an issue that is sometimes brushed over in ignorance or just simply for the sake of a beautiful end result…lighting standards. As we are preparing the final tender documents for one of our projects the client wanted us to include a reference to the lighting standards applicable. With the project being located in China of all places, the obvious question is whether mentioning any (international) standards has any meaning! The project being a big outdoor landscape and recreational space enveloping a major corporate headquarters sprawling over several acres, the obvious standards are about glare control, safe and secure circulation, energy efficiency and product quality. IES, CIE, BS and the like have several relevant guides and standards that can be listed as reference. The point is that in all likelihood, if there are any standards to be applied, it will have to be the local Chinese standards. Believe it or not but the Chinese over the last couple of years have been quite active in developing their own lighting standards and there are quite a number of them. Unfortunately for us “foreign” designers it’s a bit hard to understand and relate to the Chinese versions, not in the last place because they are in Chinese!  🙂

When in Rome do like the Romans as the saying goes, so while we may well list the international standards as a reference, we should honour, appreciate and support the efforts gone into developing the local standards and take these as the lead standards for the project. I only have little ways to ascertain myself that I am in agreement with them…

Light Watch 4-21: I was quite impressed with the 3D printing images I saw last weekend, so here are some more…are these the lighting standards of the future?


04. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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