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Goa-Delhi 14th February 2013

As I am waiting in the humble Goa domestic airport lounge for my flight to Delhi, I received pictures from a completed project. The project (a small art project in the remote Australian town of Karratha) was the brainchild of Perth visual artist Rick Vermey. We have worked together over the years and I have always enjoyed the challenge of his projects. Size to me is irrelevant. In fact small projects (this one uses only 4 floodlights!) are often more challenging than big ones as they generally come with small budgets as well. Yet the visual impact can be quite substantial. In this case we are talking about an artwork commissioned to be a landmark statement for the town, one that is to be seen by day as well as by night. Despite the relative simplicity there is more to it than meets the eye. The in ground (WEEF) floodlights were designed with special elliptical lenses to minimise spill light and maximise the light capture by the art object. This allowed to minimise the power requirements already designed with LED.

I share this with you also because the size and simplicity of the project. As lighting designers we tempt to get involved in large, big projects with a multitude of lighting challenges and levels of complexity and big budgets. Doing a project of such simplicity is refreshing and brings you down to earth. More than that, you really get to focus on the lighting performance and quality details…there were only four lights to focus on (with). 🙂

Light Watch 4-27: While the design and specification was done in coordination with Rick in Perth, I never got to go to site and all installation and contracting directions were done through Rick remotely. I was therefore pleased to receive some pictures of the finished project that I share with you below. Though there seem to be some room for fine tuning by refining the aiming angles, overall I am pleased with the visuals and the look…


15. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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