Singapore 26-27th February 2013

Yes I did not blog yesterday…Life is all about decisions, decisions, and yesterday evening, as I was about to start writing my blog, I got an unexpected visit of a dear friend, the decision was easy…the blog can wait, not my friend :).

Today has been largely filled with working on budgets. A tough challenge as there are always many unknowns and variables. Yet it is crucial to get a feel of the budget and the estimated costs of your design. Too often we get too far ahead of ourselves and come crashing down when we discover that the client has only a fraction of the budget available for your lighting. So getting on to these estimates as early as possible is good, but oh so challenging. I am costing the budget for a total LED upgrade for an existing old hotel for which I recently did a lighting audit. The challenge in my case is that I have not done the re-design yet, in fact I need to estimate the cost of re-design in the overall costing plan (no problem, always good if you can factor in your own potential fees for future work :)).

This particular client needs a budget to assess the cost of re-lighting his property. After having been bombarded by LED Cowboys telling him that their LED products were the best the client, totally confused and lost, turned to a professional lighting designer to provide him with due diligence and neutral advise on which they can then make informed decisions. So what are the cost elements that need to be included? First of all the cost of the new lighting fittings (assuming we are not retro-fitting) existing lights, then we need a figure for the installation costs for each lighting point. But more complicated is the need for re-wiring. In my case I am recommending re-circuiting the lights to allow zoning and better controls to bring the energy management to sustainable levels! There is an existing dimming system, which most likely will need to re-programmed and upgraded…nice little challenge…decisions, decisions J

Light Watch 4-35: Selecting light fittings in our profession is a challenge as well! Technology moves so fast that what’s on the market today is outdated tomorrow! One of the latest technological developments (I may have blogged about it before) is based on nanometer thin conductive Graphene technology. It us ultra strong, ultra thin, ultra conductive and ultra flexible! Already it found its way in the new generation OLEDS.

27. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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