Goa 13th February 2013

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I did not get to celebrate much of Chinese New Year holidays this year, as I spent the public holidays mostly travelling. I had a one day stop-over in Singapore on my way to Goa yesterday, but at least I am now in a lovely resort environment. Our meetings are spent in a local resort in Goa’s trendy Candolim-Baga area. This time of the year is very pleasant, not too hot, nice and sunny…the pool (which I can see from the meeting room) looks very inviting!

One of the exciting and interesting parts of any lighting design project is its beginning. Visiting the bare site, still looking like a wilderness jungle, stirs our imagination. We have been looking at plans, renderings and have conceptualise how it will look like so we look around and imagine the hotel lobby, the ballroom, the pool deck, the villa’s. Not everyone is blessed with vivid imagination, but designers generally are! In this case going to the “virgin” site connects you with nature, sunrise, sunset, existing flora and fauna, its surroundings, even wildlife and birds. You imagine having breakfast on the (future) veranda, having a drink at sunset…you start filling in the “dots” in terms of lighting. How the driveway will linger up the hill with trees lit. How the look out at the top will have low level illumination to allow maximum enjoyment of the vista’s, the sea and the sunset at the horizon in the distance.

It’s a bit like birth…you are excited about this new life that you are going to shape for future generations to enjoy. Getting a feel for the place, the location is crucial. Your design will need to fit in and that cannot be done by designing  from behind your desk! Look at how the sunrise or sunset light up the site, get a feel of the shadows and the speed of daybreak or dawn. It’s all part of a projects new beginnings…

Light Watch 4-26: Here are some site pictures to give you a feel of what we are looking at before the first stone is laid!

14. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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