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Jakarta – Singapore 2nd February 2013

The perils of frequent travelling and being exposed to climate/temperature changes, local food, other people’s bugs or plain fatigue from hectic schedules is that you need a strong body to coop and a good mental disposition to dissimilate it. It caught up with me the last few days and yesterday I was just feeling to sick and tired to even write my blog. I did manage to do my meetings, meet my clients returned and from Jakarta to Singapore under heavy medicine sedation (heaps of Panadol 🙂 ) to dive straight into my bed on arrival. Good there are weekends…

When I was in Jakarta I saw a program on waking up one morning discussing the latest about 3D printing…I did not even realise that it existed let alone that the technology was already so far developed that it is starting to become main stream with major architectural firms looking into (and I believe even already using) the technology to build models and even buildings. From Wikipedia I read that 3D Printing is also called additive manufacturing, creating the 3D object from a digital model using an additive process that add successive layers of different shapes and forms until the end object is completed. This is distinctly different from creating an object by removing material, which is the traditional machine technology.

Is this a technology that will become popular in lighting and lighting design? Producing light fitting is something that I can see should be easily achievable. Certainly decorative fixtures, as it creates the product from digital files, whatever you can design with your computer you should be able to 3D Print. I don’t know the limitation in terms of size, materials, colours and structural, durable strength, but is seems there are technically little limitations.  I can see it being very useful to create visual mock ups to test our lighting concepts.

When you start thinking further ahead it should be possible to integrate lighting components (LED lighting, lenses, wiring, controls?!) into a 3D printed product, since this should be technically feasible in a digital world…then the opportunities are endless. We could possibly bypass the lighting manufacturers and deliver our designs directly to the building contractor for printing and installation! …hmmm something to think about, let me know!  🙂

Light Watch 4-20: Not surprisingly when searching the net, I found quite a number of 3D printed light fittings already with companies like Disney world (!) having researched and created some interesting products! Here is some that I found including a the Disney video…very interesting, a development to follow more closely!



03. February 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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