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Jakarta 22nd January 2013

As I am waiting in the lounge to take my flight back to Singapore I am reflecting on the main event passed about which I blogged last night. I mentioned that I came away with a feeling that we were about 80% on our way to having it right, but in this morning’s debrief meeting the owner’s feedback was quite the opposite. He felt disappointed that the room was not 99% close to his expectation. His comments on the design (mostly spatial planning issues) were not contradicted by the team but the difference being that we saw that as a normal part of work in progress. Who gets a mock up room 99% right on first inspection??? The whole purpose of a mock up room is to establish whether the design (looking good on renderings and 2D drawings) actually works in reality. So why the disunity between the teams feeling and the owners feeling? As it turns out it is quite simple and a matter of how you look at things. What glasses are you looking through?

We, as an experienced team having done many mock up rooms, came away with a good feeling, the ambience on entrance felt good, the colour scheme and lighting felt balanced. But we did identify some of the space planning and workman ship issues. Duly noted, but nothing alarming or that we feel cannot be rectified for the next viewing. The owner however came in looking from a totally different perspective. First of all he had not been much involved in the whole design process, the step by step design improvements and detailing that we went through to get where we are today. His last “memory” of the room were the 3D renderings shown during concept presentations. But most of all this project is very close to his heart. It is his baby and he has taken a personal interest in all the detailing. In a more objective approach, you will see an owner looking at whether the design and overall feel is responding to the commercial benefits that are to be achieved from a commercial hotel property, but in this case it was the personal approach not the objective benefits that dominated his mind and feedback.

We will get there as the hotel is slated for success…I can feel it!

Light Watch 4-12: Going to a mock up room is not always a matter of some stairs in a civilised environment. Here is a view to the site and the shrieking mechanical lift that is ferrying us up to the 15th floor (no railing!) where the mock up room is located. Being a lighting designer can be a matter of life and death defying actions at time! 🙂

Contemplating things still to do in the mock up room…

23. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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