New beginnings

Bangkok 9th January 2013

Hardly back at work and in Bangkok today for a kick-off meeting for one of our new hotel resort projects…at this pace, my Xmas/ New Year’s break will soon look like a far and distant memory! Meeting the project team and getting in on the “ground floor” with projects is always an exciting thing. I always love the excitement of a new project start. Our hopes and expectations are high and with heaps of motivation and optimism we start with these projects. As the team is new you never know how things will turn out over time. It wouldn’t be the first time that we slowly sink in a desperate pool of frustration where you wonder where it all went wrong. Many of you may have had similar experiences.

I am confident this project will not go that way…but I have been proven wrong in the past. We are all excited; the team looks bright and sharp with an apparent good project management and a supporting and understanding client. Time will tell, but right now we are embarking on this project with great motivation. My presentation today focussed in introducing our lighting design approach and making sure that quality criteria that can make and break the project were clearly outlined highlighting the potential pitfalls, such as workmanship, budgets, specifications and operational needs. Establishing aspects such as communication, coordination, deliverables and time schedules being an integral part of it.

By using mood images I initiated some reactions and feedback about the conceptual design approach from the team. It is important to understand the design intent from the various lead consultants as well as inserting our own creative thoughts about how lighting could be developed to bring out the best of this project. Our aim is of course to develop a signature lighting design that will leave its mark as unique and typical for this property. But on our own we can never achieve this, hence involvement and coordination at the earliest possible stage with the team is crucial… The foundation is laid, a new project is borne…

Light Watch 4-3: Some of the mood images I used to express our approach for the landscape lighting

09. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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