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Kuala Lumpur 11th January 2013

Another early morning flight…grrr. Got up a 5 am to catch the 7am flight to KL today, lucky I don’t stay to far from the airport. When I came outside my taxi was already waiting…Singapore efficiency…

Today was practically all about money, design wise and contract wise. We went to see the client to sort out two major issues, one important to us, one important to them. Quit pro quo…while the main aim of the meeting was to value engineer the lighting design that had come way over their budget, we took the opportunity to clear the communication channels in regards to our payments. We are not in the business of over-charging our clients, quite the contrary, but when work is clearly done, payment should follow promptly. As the project is in its early stages I have filed the clients failure to properly pay us as growing pains and after today I believe payments will be processed properly and on time. One face to face meeting generally can resolve what many hundreds of emails may not 🙂

As to the budget for lighting hardly any client is able to properly budget the lighting in advance or have a good understanding what the financial implications are for their project dreams. And while we generally come up with the budget estimates early in the concept, it never fails to surprise the client….why is it that all of them think they can get a Ferrari for a Toyota price? We took the time to go through our options and to continue the metaphor we are now in process if creating a high end Toyota sports model…the “looks” of a Ferrari of sorts, but with a more Toyota like price. As long as we are all clear on what the consequences and implications are. Not from 0 to 100 km/h in 2-3 seconds, but maybe 5-6 seconds, no life time warranty but maybe 3-5 years… 🙂

It is a painstaking process, but a necessary one. To use another metaphor, we are not the my-way-or-the-highway designers; we care about the client’s money. But at the same time we have professional standards to uphold and that was what today was all about! Have a great weekend!

Light Watch 4-5: Talking about cars as metaphor…here are some LED car head lights (Audi, VW,Mercedes, etc)…Here also the technology moves very fast. BMW is now pioneering the next future…laser head lights!…is that the future of architectural lighting as well???

11. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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