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Jakarta 30th January 2013

Staying in hotels as you travel is a good part of our experience as lighting designers, certainly if you design lighting for hotels for a living. These few days in Jakarta I am put up in a hotel provided and paid for by the client and it is not always a joyful experience. In this particular contract the client provides the accommodation (and the flights) something that minimises administrative work to recuperate the reimbursable costs. Basically we don’t pay anything, flights electronic tickets sent to us, accommodation arranged and paid for by the client. No worries. The potential downside is that you don’t know exactly what sort of quality standards the hotel is….

In this case the hotel is strategically located, nothing wrong but it’s very new with many of the basic services missing, like internet in the room! Right now I am sitting in the all day dining typing away on my laptop as here as well as in the adjacent lobby is the only place with Wi-Fi! And even that is not stable as it comes and goes…argh! The hotel is touted as 5 star, but really it is still at a minus one level. No provisions in the room, the lighting is absolutely crap and clearly cost have been cut on all level. No master switch near the bed…you have to get out of bed to switch of lights, the bathroom has only one single down light in the middle and one single wall sconce on the side. Lighting levels are terrible and facial illumination at the mirror is zero! There is a micro-switch for the cabinet that does not work, so I had to use some chewing gum to keep it switched off during the night. The sliding doors fell out of their girders when trying to open/close. The master lighting system does not work…last night I woke up in the middle of the night when all lights suddenly went on. Waking up from a deep sleep I thought I had overslept and had slept through all morning, only to realise later that is was 1am and not 1pm, when I opened the curtains to realise it was still pitch black outside! Definitely a Minus One star classification…next time I will request another hotel!

Light Watch 4-18: But Jakarta is a lovely place…if not for the local food…makan! This afternoon I had lunch in a lovely local restaurant…here are some pics  🙂


30. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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