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Jakarta 31th January 2013

Having early brainstorm sessions with project architects is a crucial part of a successful lighting design process…at least that is my opinion. We do not always get to do that or be involved in early building conception stages, certainly when we are appointed late in the piece with all major architectural design works logged in. Today I had a morning meeting with one of the world’s leading architectural firms with a specific time build into the meeting schedule to spent on brain storming the architectural lighting of the façade and interior public areas.

The early interaction between lighting and architecture allows us to bounce ideas of the architect get a feeling of what can or cannot (lah!). Plus, with the client-owner present, we get a direction of what they are looking for. The QS then brings everybody back to earth with his number crunching! But really, it is a great platform for a conceptual design dialogue. Whilst getting a good feel of the architectural design intent, we also managed to high light typical lighting design issues and requirements, including maintenance and costs that can be averted with early planning and design attention. We settled on a combined (conventional) floodlighting and linear LED curtain wall lighting integration, providing us with a useful layering and mix of lighting effects. All this with a positive impact on maintenance, energy saving and costs! In the observation deck areas at the building top we agreed to design the windows under a sloped angle to counter possible lighting reflections from the interior lighting. It has yet to be designed but the architectural adaptation now will save us lot of head ache later on. The building canopy design will be reworked to create a space to invisibly integrate the building flood lighting, something which would have been a tough ask much later in the process…it pays to interact and brain storm with the architect in the early (lighting) conception stages! All in all a fruitful and good day spent in Jakarta (even the “majet” was not too bad :))

Light Watch 4-19: There is no end to people’s imagination when it comes to innovating and conceptualising new ideas with LED lighting J The latest I came across today was an LED snow boarding at night! Is LED on its way to become actively part of the Olympic Games movement? Who would have thought that a relatively minor innovation such as LED would find its way in so many applications!

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31. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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