Lighting at the dentist

Singapore 17th January 2013

Since this blog is about my life as a lighting designer I should also blog about the ordinary things of life that we go through…like going to the dentist! I happen to have mine just across the road so I can virtually pop in at any time. A few days ago I cracked my tooth while eating seedless grapes, would you believe! Obviously it must have been cracked before from something else, but a good part of my good old tooth gave way, my filling still intact! Anyhow I had been trying to find a bit of time to go have this fixed which turned out to be today (after having made sure I had a good lunch first  🙂 ).

I will spare you the further details, but what did strike me while I was laying down and being treated (great time to reflect on things while they go about fixing your tooth), is that in the dental world everything seems to have gone LED and digital too! While watching Tom & Jerry on a digital LED TV, the dentist was pointing an overhead LED light onto my mouth, while having an individual headset with binocular type lenses and a LED light as well. Then to set the composite they use an LED based UV light. The only “normal” lights (for how long still?) were the overhead fluorescent T5 room lights. Documenting the process with a professional digital Nikon camera along the way, I was shown a photo slide show on a LED screen afterwards showing me what she had done…from the damaged tooth to the nicely fixed up result. The downside is that half my face will still be numb for another few hours….

I am back behind my laptop typing away. I will leave others to answer the phone; I don’t need my mouth to finish some reporting 🙂

Light Watch 4-9: LED technology in the dentistry world.

17. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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