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Singapore 28th January 2013

Here is a statement for you: Life is not getting easier with a new computer! I have spent a good part of the weekend getting to “know” my new laptop so that I could start working with it today, which I did. But boy do you get used to your old ways of doing things! I have now switched from Windows 7 to Windows 8…a totally new ball game. And it is amazing how many little ways you have developed over the years to get around your computer, save, alter, move or delete documents. Now everything seems so different, what used to be somewhere is not, and on top of that I have touch screen options, tablet functions. It has been quite confusing today not knowing whether to swap or touch from the screen or use the mouse, which is a swipe-pad on the laptop. Some programs open and operate differently. Skype on W8 does not yet seem up to scratch so I am going to down load the old version. Anyhow I will get there eventually but at times I was thinking” where is the good old “simple” time?… I am trying to keep up with the times…

Otherwise today was much in the spirit of preparing/ finalising presentations as I have several lighting concept presentations in the coming week, all in Jakarta…yes it is busy in Indonesia! The first presentations to a client are always crucial as you set the tone for your future deliverables and the quality level of the design you intent to develop. A good time to high light some of our key issues such as quality versus budget, importance of specifications, clarifying the pitfalls of LED (hi-ha for the Cowboys). It is very much about managing expectations and preparing/aligning the clients mind with yours! All lighting concepts can be beautiful from the outset but are they realistic, feasible technically, financially, locally! We design for a certain environment, meaning, can our design be sustained in the local market where our project is situated? We design for people…a concept presentation is a great platform to show that…

Light Watch 4-16: As I am heading back to Jakarta I would like to take this opportunity to applaud Tamara, one of the creative design members of our Jakarta team. She has been very active in the lighting community through Facebook and even her own blog as well! She also entered the one-beam competition with some very nice and creative entries. KLD is routing for her! Some nice interaction between light and material, well done!


28. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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