Jakarta 29th January 2013

On the day after Dutch Queen Beatrix announced her abdication, I am back in Jakarta, early morning flight, 1-2 hours traffic jam and into a meeting, a fairly normal scenario. In fact the flight from Singapore is faster than the ride from the airport into down town. I could not life like that but I can kind of see that when you really live here you accept the traffic torture as a way of life and you start finding ways around it. This time I am staying for a few days so I find myself back in my hotel at a reasonable time without any pressure to rush back to the airport. 🙂

I have blogged about Indonesia before; it is one of the leading growth economies in the Asia Pacific region. I cant really put my finger on it other than by the amount of projects we are currently undertaking in this country. It is no wonder our office here is growing fast. Is it going to last…I don’t know. Everything comes in cycles, good and bad, fast and slow, up and down. That is the ying and yang of life (and business). For now I am focussing ahead to make sure I can manage my clients expectations.

The mix of projects is a bag of hotels, corporate towers, a bank and some commercial retail development, pretty typical for this part of the world. Hotels and resorts are typically about half the projects we are doing and interestingly they vary from the lower end of the scale (Holiday Inn Express) to the higher end of the scale (Raffles Hotel). I find that really challenging as you as you tempt to approach all hotel lighting designs initially along the same value and quality criteria; the difference being more in the simplicity and practicality of the execution and implementation. Simpler lighting layouts, more general lighting(less sophistication), simpler switching (no or less dimming), all with the aim to reduce the capital budget for building the hotel and minimise operational costs through simple and easy maintenance. Specifically in the lower tier hotels the issue of LED (Cowboys) is a big challenge…

Light Watch 4-17: As the Netherlands prepares for a new King (Willem Alexander) on the 30th January here are some pics of the recently renovated Palace of the Queen in Soestdijk. Look for the lighting 🙂




29. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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