It’s still about time and money…

Singapore 8th January 2013

Not much time to breathe! Full steam ahead, right from the word go…Good to see the team back, we seem all rested and ready to take on the year. With many projects starting off, we can see the work building up, so time management and proper work schedules will be crucial to manage ourselves and most of all our client’s expectations this year. We need to be clear right from the start how we intent to deliver our work and what time schedules we will be following. We all have our resolutions but one of our top resolutions in our practice for the year has to be to deliver good quality work, which means proper time to work on it. In other words time management. And that work time has to be balanced with enough “me” time to make sure we don’t burn out half way the year. It’s easy to get caught out on that one, so my project kick off meetings will have to nail down these time and deliverable schedules to everyone’s satisfaction, the clients and ours! With lots of travel ahead in the coming weeks, I will need to manage that part carefully as well…

The other big challenge for the year will have to be managing client payments…our cash flow. More than ever with the economy as it is we will need to be tough with our clients…no money, no honey! Just a day back at work and I am already facing one project clients with wayward “tactics” to pay less than invoiced, even though we did get their nod end of last year to issue our progress invoice. Hiding behind hierarchical levels of authority (“it’s not me!”…) is classic. So breaking down those walls and make sure we know who in our client organisation is responsible for our fee and reimbursable expenses payment will be imperative for a successful year ahead…..

In the end, professional satisfaction apart, it’s still all about time and money…

Light Watch 4-2: Me-time in Australia, a rare insight into my private life 🙂

Enjoying a coffee at the Paddington Markets in Sydney

Yes even at the market they promote sustainable LED lighting!

New Year’s eve fun with my daughter Kyra

Of course nothing beats a good aussie BBQ

Watching Venus Williams at the Hopman Cup

My morning walks along the Ashfield Flats and the Swan River

Movies under the stars…

And of course the beach…with the 40 degree temepratures we had a welcome cooling

08. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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