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Jakarta 21st January 2013

Made it safe to Jakarta …no flooding in view, but a lot of traffic and detour driving to reach the site.  Today, finally after 4 years on the job with lots of delays, we reached the stage of reviewing the first attempt for the mock up room. This is a big day in a hotel (lighting) project as it is the day that all the design work comes to realisation, the day where you know whether you got it right or not. It’s of course not only about lighting it is about how all disciplines come together and gel to create that wow factor for the room that all guest will be staying in in the future. I have experienced projects where the mock up room was redone up to 8 times (!) before everyone was happy. Today we had the chairman himself pop in for inspection and bar some relatively minor issues (easy to correct), we all got the feeling we hit about 80% right …not bad for the first try!

What are the things that we looked at from lighting point of view? First of all we look at the specifications, have they been followed in terms of product quality and performance? That answer was yes more or less, the only point being that we had the wrong colour temperature (3000K instead of 2700K) for the linear lights. Apparently due to lack of stock so they installed the 3000K as temporary substitute all part of a good balance of brightness and mood. Then we look at the detailing, how they interpreted the installation details. There were a few minor issues in regards to light fitting location and detail finishes, that will need to be corrected and properly finished, but overall it was close the expectation. Finally, often the less well executed or overlooked (by the less experienced?), are the lighting controls. Location of the switches and most of all do they switch (logically and practically) what they are supposed to control??? Most of the time (as the case being here) NOT! There will be quite some rewiring and reconfiguration to do but nothing too dramatic. So overall quite happy with this first review!

Light Watch 4-11: Concepts for guestrooms are all about style and substance. Ever heard of last centuries’ French Art Nouveau artist/designer Emille Galle? Probably not… me neither till a few days ago. I am currently reading the biography of rocker Rod Stewart (not because I am a great fan, but because I am an ex “rocker” from that time) and I found out that he was a fanatic collector of Emille’s lamps and vases. So I checked him out… very distinctive indeed, we don’t see that too much these days!

22. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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