Concepteur Eclairage sand Frontieres

Singapore 15th January 2013

More and more I realise that most of the time we design for the higher end of the scale. Understandably as it is generally people with money who can afford the cost of hiring a professional lighting designer. But with all this talk about sustainability and the extent of poverty around the world the question arises on how we can make our skills benefit the more unfortunate parts and people of this world.

An initiative I recently read about, loosely based on the concept of Medecins sand Frontiers (the independent humanitarian medical aid organisation), where lighting designers bond together to help the more needy of the world who do not have the ability to afford proper lighting design. Called Concepteurs Eclairage sans Frontieres (Lighting Designers without Borders), it intends to provide pro bono lighting design services on a voluntary basis without personal remuneration… professionals giving up their time and skills to help countries and people in need (war, natural disasters, poverty). Light is obviously a source of comfort and the aim is to help manipulate day or artificial light to benefit those in need. Though the organisation has been around for a few years it seems to have become a more active and meaningful organisation in recent times. The website is still in French but is being reconstructed in English ( It is clearly an organisation in development that needs the gathering of steam and momentum, but the mission is laudable and should be supported.

The thought today is to go back to our roots of simplicity and creativity. Designing to root simplicity is one of the back bones of sustainability. As a lighting designer we should aim towards that. Yes we are professional designers and we make a living from our profession but we need to realise in what kind of world we live and apply sense and sensibility when we design. Helping out the unfortunate and considering the fragile fabric of our planet should be part and parcel of our design process…

Light Watch 4-7: I was forwarded today a link to works from a Swedish artist , Ilona Resta. Her designs consider simple natural elements in combination with light. Peaceful and simple…

15. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. First of all I wish a healthy, humbly but innovative 13 to all of us! Yes Martin you digged a big theme for helping people – even at least with one light at home for everybody. Do you know the great idea “Gravitylight”? I was impressed how easy light can spread out and making the world a better place for studying and social activities.

    Look here the Video of Gravity Light Invention:

    All best, Thomas

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