Singapore 24th January 2013

It is safe to say that life without computers in our, or nearly any, profession is practically impossible! I have lived the years of doing lighting design without personal computers and laptops and I can tell you that was quite a different way of life! Not many of today’s lighting designers would know what it is to do lighting design without a computer! When I just started with Philips (1979!) we had one huge main frame computer (the size of a whole room!), which was shared with the whole lighting department. It’s main use being to do lighting  calculations for big projects like a sports stadium. The computer would work on an input of punch cards, which would take you a day to prepare after which we would run the calculations overnight. As the computer would run and calculate the projects in sequence of input, you had to “queue” up and wait for your turn! As the inputs were very sensitive to the computer language you would enter on the punch cards, you often found your calculations messed up or not properly executed, which then meant you had to review all your punch cards (often more than a few hundred!) to find out which one had a mistake!…When I still think of it…

Presentations were all done with hand sketches and presentation hard boards, actual printed layout drawings (which you had to have printed in a special print shop if you did not have a proper A0 printer in your office. We would then travel to our clients with all these rolls of drawings, stacks of presentation boards and reams of computer calculation print outs! But now? All you need is a simple laptop with good graphics, a HDMI/VGA connection to a TV screen (have you seen the sizes of the TV screens nowadays!) and of you go!

Why am I on to this?…because today I got myself a brand new laptop. Somehow my laptops don’t last much longer than 2-3 years max.; and the way I go about them probably still a miracle they survive that long. I eat, drink, sleep, travel with them and they are practically on 24/7. The amount of times I dropped the laptop or spilled food on it… My preferred brand has always been the IBM, nowadays Lenovo, Thinkpads. Had them for years, very reliable. Not surprisingly I got the latest hot Lenovo Ideapad, the Yoga13…wow, Windows 8, touch screen technology…the perfect fit since I am really getting used to my Ipad 🙂

Light Watch 4-14: Here are some images of this latest hot laptop…




24. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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