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Singapore 25th January 2013

We don’t always get to live a project from start to finish. In my particular case I left several of my lighting design projects with Lighting Images in China when I moved to set up my KLD practice and did not see them through to its final completion. Today I received feedback on one of those projects, the Zhengzhou Tower in China, that was ceremoniously completed just a few days ago and in which I spent heaps of time and efforts with a difficult client to get the lighting design concept worked out to its final specifications. I still have a file with the visual mock up pictures when we tested the potential light fittings on a life-size façade panel in order to establish which value for money would work best…not easy as the cost of the LED lighting for the façade ran in the millions…

We had several challenges to overcome (besides the budget!) in the lighting design of this project; first of all the physical lighting performance of the LED floodlights. Mind you that this design was done close to 5 years ago when LED floodlighting (linear in this case) was still in its early development. In the process we had to deal with some client “preferred” suppliers (LED Cowboys?) who had convinced the client their product was the one. We however had set ourselves on quite another product with in our opinion a much better lighting quality. On top of that our preferred light fitting came from an internationally reputable manufacturer, which came with the obvious peace of mind. The visual mock ups proved us right…

The other major lighting design issue was to find the locations within the façade curtain wall that allowed “easy” access for installation and maintenance of the light while at the same time making sure that spill light (in and outside the building) was restricted to a minimum. Issues such as cable runs, waterproofing and lighting controls were an integral part of the design process at the time…it is nice to see now that another one of my projects has come to fruition and the lighting stands majestically tall (300m high) in the Zhengzhou city skyline.

Light Watch 4-15: Here are some pictures of the project…have a great weekend

25. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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