Singapore 23rd January 2013

An important part of our life as lighting designer is to spent some time with colleagues in the business…for many reasons. First of all there is little to no reason to lock yourself up in an ivory tower. This holds for your relationship with your own team as well as with colleagues in the business. Our world (of lighting design) is a small world anyhow and isolating yourself only isolates you from the world of lighting design. I have always been a great promoter and participant of sharing knowledge, it has always served me and helped the profession well. Lighting design is a relatively young profession with little competition but also with little public understanding so in my opinion we have everything to gain in sharing our expertise and experiences so we can build and grow the profession in an established and well respected trade. My blog is one of the tools in sharing my (more than 30 years) of experience with my colleagues specifically and the greater public in general.

As it happened yesterday was a double “colleague” day. First I had a “colleague” meeting with my team in Jakarta. We are in the process of moving to a new office and had welcomed some new staff over the last few weeks which I had not yet met. These meetings for me are very important, we are a team and I need my team to feel connected and supported. It promotes en encouraging spirit. Then back in Singapore I attended a manufacturer sponsored dinner where several of my lighting design colleagues (read: friendly competitors) were in attendance.  That is often the time when you find out who got which job or to whom you lost a job… I think it is great feedback and sharing our experiences with clients helps us in negotiating projects in a world and economic climate which is not always easy to navigate! We all wish each other to do well, which is in the interest of our profession in general. And while we do come across each other in project acquisition stages once in a while I have to say honestly that most of the time we don’t. I guess that we all carve out our little niche of clients and relationships that helps fuel our lighting practice. It was nice to meet my “colleagues” yesterday…

Light Watch 4-13: My Jakarta colleagues… 🙂

23. January 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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