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Perth, 3rd December 2012

It’s time for my yearly break, my virtual break that is. After another year of blogging daily about my profession I am taking a break till January 2013 when I will start season 4! It is not only me that seems to need a break…my laptop as well :)! Lately it was showing such signs of fatigue from my relentless daily use that it had started to protest. I sent it for a “medical check-up” last Friday, hence why I was not online blogging. Meanwhile I am back in Perth got my laptop back last night but will give him a break till next year as well…

It’s hard to believe that I have already completed 3 years of daily blogging, nearly 800 blogs so far! But you know what, you get into the routine of doing it and really it doesn’t take that much time. In fact if I don’t blog I really feel I have not completed my daily work! Generally I complete my story in 20-30 minutes spending about the same amount of time to do the finishing touches adding the images and uploading it to the site.

It has been an interesting and exciting year for me personally and for our team at KLD in general. After having started with KLD last year, this year has been the year of consolidation, with a slow (and initially worrying) start in the first 6 month but with a very strong finish of the year with heaps of expectations for the New Year. With many new projects on the drawing board and many new partnerships in development we look forward to 2013. Specifically the cooperation with Earth Check has opened some new and exciting avenues in support to our sustainability drive in lighting design.

Two main issues will remain as we move into 2013. First the worrying state of the world economy and how it will affect our project business, which is really hard to predict. Not putting all your eggs in one basket (if you can) and spreading your interests is probably a cautious strategy and making sure you manage your cash flow in the process, though that maybe easier said then done! The second one is managing expectations when it comes to specifying LED lighting. It has been one of my main topics throughout the year. With sustainability and saving costs the main drivers in most projects we need to make sure we manage the LED Cowboys to uphold the quality standards of LED lighting! See you in January…

Light Watch 3-187: Me and my shadow in 2012…

Here is to a fantastic 2013! Cheers 🙂

03. December 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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