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Singapore, 22nd November 2012

Overnight flights, specifically the shorter ones, regardless whether you fly business class, are still quite tiring, certainly if you have walked a site for 3 days in a row and dealt with emotional contractors :). Yes I had my feet finally up in the air with a decent flatbed to sleep a bit on my way back, but 3-4 hours sleep after an exhausting site visit didn’t really alleviate much. I paid the price during the day today. I bravely attended to the office in the morning but gradually felt the tiredness creep up and by mid-afternoon I had to retire to take a nap. The coming 4 weeks till my Xmas break are pretty full on with at least one trip a week to various part of the “Indo Pacific” starting with China next week.

Concluding my Mumbai site visit I issued an executive summary to the client with all the lighting issues they (and I!) are faced with. I will share some here in a generic way to the benefit of better lighting (design) as we can all learn from each other. The main lesson for the client as he admitted candidly to me, was that they thought they could finish the job without involving us by just relying on the suppliers…after having bought more than 10 km of LED strip light at $20/m that worked on installation, but now a few months in is practically non-existent an expensive lesson was learned…all have to be replaced!

The poor quality of the lights (in combination possibly with shoddy electrical installation works) resulted in an average light fitting failure rate of at least 20-30% per area! That same poor quality results in extreme poor colour quality and lighting performance (why does it look so dull and dark here?). Selling only wide beam lights results in a monotone contrast-less environment (really there are also 24 and 10 degree beams?). Putting alternative CFL lamps where LED seems too expensive becomes disastrous where all these lighting circuits are connected to a dimmer! Through in some emergency lights in the same circuit and you have a great recipe for “fun” and special lighting effects :). The point is that most of this advice was taken from their suppliers…

Light Watch 3-181: Despite all my rants the project will come out nice eventually once we have remedied the situation, here are some sneak previews

22. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Welcome to China! =)

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