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Lingshui, Hainan, 28th November 2012

Presentation completed to clients satisfaction, done; driving at 160kmh in the clients Porsche to lunch, done; agreeing to all contractual terms and conditions, done; being offered a new job to quote, done. Getting the rest of the day of to do some chauffeur driven sight-seeing around Sanya, did not materialise 🙂 … Life of a lighting designer is not always a stressful and worry-some affair. Like in general life we have good days and we have bad days. You deal with them as they come. Today was highly satisfactory and gratifying. Doing business in China can be both utterly frustrating as well as very enjoyable. Like ying and yang unfortunately they seldom come without each other.

But without the two opposite you can’t appreciate the good life. Going through tough, tedious and lengthy contract negotiations as we did today, made the end result and relationship much sweeter and more enjoyable. Shaking hands and looking forward to a nice project and a long term relationship with the client is something to treasure. As I had the opportunity to meet directly with the client and his contract department, I was able to trash out the key terms and conditions. Reason being that while we have our own terms of agreement included as part of our fee proposal, most of our clients (big companies) have their own legal and contracts department which comes with their own set of terms and conditions, not necessarily compatible with our “demands”. With some minor adjustments we settled on “our” terms and we can now look forward to signing of the contract in the next few days rather than months!

The Chinese culture can be very tedious and when it comes to contracts and paying it can be like extracting a tooth…and I am not even talking about the language barrier. It appeared that our Chinese contract translation had not exactly the same meaning as the English version. Anyhow all settled and we leave Hainan in high spirits. One more day in Shenzhen for a workshop with the interior designer and then back to Singapore. Cheers!

Light Watch 3-185: Sanya at night…sorry not the best pictures…I will try update these in the coming days with better ones…its late and time to go to bed 🙂


29. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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