The end of an era

Perth, 7th November 2012

That’s it! The end of an era; the start of a new one! Today I got my first manufacturer notice (from Endo) that they have stopped production of the conventional lighting systems and will now only sell exclusively LED. No more conventional lighting systems, no more (compact) fluorescent, no more incandescent, no more halogen, no more metal halide. While I can understand the move there is very scary aspect to this decision. Willingly (or unwillingly) they have succumbed to the pressures of the market and decided to move to a 100% LED set up, but in the process I think they lost track of the fact that LED lighting is not necessarily the best and most sustainable solution in every application. I sincerely wonder whether the decision is made purely from commercial reasons or resulting from a balanced application and sustainability thought process. I suspect the first and I suspect that proper sustainability thoughts may not even have been considered. LED is where the money is!

Some radio and TV advertisements I hear here in Australia are pushing in similar ways, some using emotional blackmail to convert you into using LED lighting! It goes something like this: “If you have not yet converted to LED lighting you are one of the very few people not having done so yet”. In other words you are old fashioned and not part of this modern times if you still use conventional technology rather than LED lighting. They are guilt tripping you for not using LED!

The fact is that there is still very much a place for some of the conventional lighting systems and I have several project situations where T5 fluorescent tubes for instance outperforms the LED equivalent in performance, price and return on investment by miles! The problem is that manufacturers and suppliers are now making you believe that LED is the only solution that you should consider. Sadly many of these people advocating LED’s wouldn’t know any better. They lack proper knowledge and understanding and are probably brainwashed by the principal companies….people are like sheep! One jumps, they all jump, event if they don’t know why!

Light Watch 3-173: Over the weekend I visited the newly opened Perth Arena, the latest high end events venue for the city. Interestingly there was not an LED light to be seen in the public areas, all (compact) fluorescent lighting and metal halide. While understandably so because the design was done some 5 years ago, I found it surprisingly refreshing amidst all the LED bombardments that we receive on a daily basis!

07. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Feel sad for this, LED is not everything!

  2. very funny

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