Perth, 5th November 2012

Subjecting your lighting concept to visual tests (or visual mock-ups) is crucial to make sure your assumptions in regards to how light will interact with the subject are correct. I spent a good part of this evening testing and re-testing lighting set-ups for a heritage façade lighting. Because the façade is so intricate, with many architectural features and decorative ornaments I need the lighting to reflect that. Starting point for my concept is that I do not really want to see the lights, so rather than a big “floodlight” I am using a multitude of smaller spots and with LED technology advancing so fast I can really use very compact and powerful light sources with very good performance. Because of the compact size I can easily conceal and integrate them in the façade’s building fabric. The result of breaking up the façade lighting in little “power pockets” of light is that the individual features and ornaments are being singled out one by one rather than being grouped in one big beam of light.

For that I have broken down the façade in 21 different zones and key feature effects with each of them having a dedicated lighting approach. One of the main reasons for the first round of testing tonight and the main challenge towards achieving the desired end result is making sure the different effects balance well in terms of brightness and light is being contained to the area that I want to light! Each lighting effect is using a slightly different fitting or configuration so the different sizes, dimensions and distance potentially create different end results. Someone tonight suggested I use a dimmer system (DALI) as to not worry now and settle the balance later, but that is the easy (and more expensive) way out. But this will be a permanent fixed installation, once installed and completed there is no direct need for dimming unless I want to play with intensities over time (late evening, after hour settings etc).  It is often said that a good lighting designer does not need a dimmer, he should get it right from the start. I know I can get it right without dimming…hence the testing!

Light Watch 3-171: Testing is also key to Formula 1. With the dust of the Abu Dhabi F1 race last night still settling we could again admire this beautiful circuit where the race starts late afternoon and finishes well after sunset under the purposely build lighting. The YAS Marina Hotel with its LED roof structure the big eye catcher…


05. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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