Tea for two

Shenzhen, 29th November 2012

The last leg of my China trip has brought me to Shenzhen where we are meeting the creative team of our Hainan project. Crucial to any successful project team is the relationship of trust and respect that is built between the team members. So an important part of any project is to create some bonding and understanding between the team members…exactly the purpose of our trip to Shenzhen today. I feel very strongly that when you know each other well and understand the individual team members back ground you can achieve a much higher level of design satisfaction as you can better interpret the needs and feels of the other specialist designers who contribute to the final and overall design result. Of course you need to understand the location as well as we cannot design from behind our desk, even though you would be surprised how many big name companies develop concepts for projects in other parts of the world without ever having been there! That is why we went to site first.

Our lighting design does not really exist on its own, it exists by the grace on how well it integrates with the other disciplines; architecture, interiors, landscape, electrical and so on. At the other end of the spectrum we have the human ownership; the actual owner investor, the operator and the people who are the targeted end users of the project you are designing for. Today we met with our fellow creators, people like us who have a vision on how to develop the original idea for the project into its final “look and feel”. And while we spent some time familiarising ourselves with the design concepts and design directions, a good part of our time was spent getting to know each other. This may seem strange to some but don’t forget that we are likely to work together over the next few years and creating/ developing/ realising designs as friends achieves much higher outcomes than as business professionals only. Each project is different, I know, and not always do we have the opportunity to bond as friends in a project (in many projects we just operate on a professional “need to communicate” basis), but when it ”clicks”, we enjoy the results J

Light Watch 3-186: Today we enjoyed a warm and personal tea ceremony, hosted by the lead designers, which I thoroughly enjoyed. While our project path will certainly have highs and lows, the ground was laid for a great relationship!

29. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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