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Perth-Singapore, 8-9th November 2012

Travelling is not always conducive to my blog 🙂 Yesterday I had a lot on my plate before heading to the airport late afternoon and once I had arrived back in Singapore late last night did not have the energy to write anything…went straight to bed! So I am posting my catch-up entry a bit earlier ahead of the weekend. Next week is Deepavali; I will be taking a day of for a long weekend away from office, back on Wednesday. 🙂

Over the last few days I have been interacting actively with both suppliers and contractors. In one of our projects we had agreed with the client to shortlist 3 reputable and reliable lighting suppliers and work out a supply package within budget. For once we have a client who is clear about the budget, making our task easier as at least now we can tailor the specification to meet the (reasonable) budget. But as always with a high profile project there are disturbing influences from “back door” suppliers trying to pick up a piece of the cake and contractors who have their own contacts while trying to get in substitute products to boost their profit margins. Contractors generally take on a job based on a fixed contract sum, which include their budget for the part of lighting they are responsible for. So understandably if they have quoted very competitively to get the job they will be looking at any possible opportunity to cut down their cost and improve profits. Lighting is often one of those items they budget lowly. So unsurprisingly I have had to deal with a contractor who tells me he cannot afford our specs. You can see where that is heading! His budget was made without knowledge of our specs…so now the reality hits! It is easy to see that project management and procurement are caught in between…

Even more difficult is to deal with suppliers who keep knocking on the “project door”. When it comes to a prestigious project with potentially a million dollar sales it is understandable that sales people go in hard t get a piece of the pie, making our life difficult and complicated. How much should we entertain? We have made our selections based on the lighting performances and effects we want to achieve, but of course the fitting we have selected are not the only ones in the world that can achieve the desired results, neither can we be assessing all products from around the world that may (or may not) be compliant to our specifications. Hence we base ourselves on proven track record and known quality/reliability of brands and suppliers. You can’t please everyone and we have project schedules to adhere too!

Light Watch 3-174: This coming week is the hindu festival of light; Deepavali. Here are some pictures of the 2012 Light Up in Singapore’s Little India

09. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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