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Singapore-Mumbai, 19th November 2012

Lighting is very much a visual thing. Showing a client lighting calculations does not really convey the actual mood and ambience of what is visually to be expected. Only a trained professional like ourselves can read and interpret the meaning of lux values and iso-line diagrams and understand hat the visual impact is going to be, and even than it can still come out many different ways due to the many variables that determine the end result. Our challenge at every turn of the project, specifically when we develop the lighting concept, is to visualise and explain the intended moods and effects to our clients (and fellow project team members).

Colourful (photo shop-type) renderings are helpful if you do them well and realistically, this again requires understanding of lighting and its interaction with space. Actual renderings using proper IES files again are dependent on getting all material characteristics right, not always an easy task. Therefore a big part of communicating your design concept is the use of so called mood or reference images. The point with reference images is that you cannot always use your own project library as in principle you do try to re-invent yourself with any new project, certainly when it comes to special moods or innovative effects. Uniqueness is definitely a key word in every design!

At the same time proven concepts are also key in every design. For “regular” lighting applications we therefore do fall back on our experience (one of the reasons clients hire us!) and the use of previous project images which convey the mood and ambiances we are after are a great reference.

Finally pictures of mock up installations also provide very relevant and good reference images that can be used to convey our concept ideas. Lighting is a very visual experience! J

Light Watch 3-178: Light Collective in cooperation with Philips just launched a website and mobile app that allows you to tap into a library of reference application images. Called “Light Collector” it not only allows you to browse and use these reference images, catalogued into different applications and effects, but also contribute and share your own. A great initiative and certainly helpful to the lighting design community! Images taken from the Light Collector website.



19. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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