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Lingshui, Hainan, 27th November 2012

This is one of those exciting days when you go to site for the first time. I think it is always a special moment in the life a project, the first time you set foot on the project site… To reach Hainan island of the coast of China, I flew in with my colleague and the project manager from Singapore using a direct flight to Haiko, then onto a high speed train towards Sanya with the last bit by car from the train station to site. Luckily we did not have any of the mishaps that happened in the movie, ours was perfect without any delays, and while we had to get up early to catch the 6.30am flight we touched down in Hainan 3 hours later and were on site by midday! For those who know the troublesome route via Guangzhou with the 4 hour stop-over, this is quite a breeze…(just sharing).

Today was site familiarisation, just getting to know the lay of the land so to speak. In this case I am dealing with a huge resort (about 500ha!) of which about half is already build or in various stages of completion. So there is actually a lot to see! we inspected day and night, as a lot of lighting has already been installed. And here lies the problem…I am not sure about the pre-history, but by now the client has realised that he really needs a lighting consultant (he didn’t have one before) and with one of the leading hotel operators now on board as well, getting a specialist lighting consultant on  board was imperative. We received our appointment letter just recently and hence our initial site visit to take stock of what is and of what needs to be done.

There are many areas still to be built, so there we can start from scratch, it is the existing parts that are the worry. As so often I found that through ignorance (I assume) and ruthless LED Cowboys, who sell on price, the client has ended up with your typical low end LED installation. Poor performance (intensity), poor and inconsistent colour (many looking greenish, not even whitish), in poor quality fittings, many of them broken and failing already and as this is a seaside resort, material quality is crucial and not surprisingly most of the fittings I observed were already rusting…

I’ve got work to do here!

Light Watch 3-184: Impressions










27. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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