One of those days

Perth, 6th November 2012

Just one of those days where a lot and nothing is happening…In Australia the Melbourne Cup (Australia’s biggest horse racing event for the uninitiated) brings the country to halt with every Tom, Dick and Harry placing bets and using the occasion for parties…you don’t really get things done on Melbourne Cup day. When in Australia on the day I usually participate for fun…proof in point “my horse” ended last! Hiha 🙂

Meanwhile the US is gearing up for the presidential elections today with everyone having an opinion on why either Obama or Romney should be the next president! Field days for the media, but for the ordinary people a lot of distraction with not much productive outcome. You may as well go with the flow…

Good day to get some “cupboards cleaned” and work away some backlog correspondence. Not a good day to chase payments in Australia …:) For me a good day to work on some papers and articles. We have a few magazines asking for some project write ups and I have new requests for guest speaking at some events next year, so I am preparing a synopsis of my topic for the organisers. Otherwise we focus on delivering our project documentation to those clients who pay promptly and hold back on those who are well behind in their contractual responsibilities! Don’t you love it when they chase you for deliverables by crazy deadlines, but then don’t seem to be able to carry out a most simple payment for which they are being given a 30 day window to process…? It’s a lopsided world in our profession at times…one of those days!

Light Watch 3-172: Always on the look-out for new innovations…Nicole Schertzinger recently performed a concert with an LED dress. But not an ordinary one, no a wireless (!) internet connected one on which she could display Tweets and messages from her Twitter account! How is that for interactivity…the things we do with LED 🙂 !

06. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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