Nano technology

Perth, 1st November 2012

Arrived in Perth today after a little bomb scare at the airport…turned out to be false alarm, just an “abandoned” suitcase. But enough to get the full bomb squad out in force and close down the airport! How different times we live in these days!

While we are yet to reach full potential with LED lighting technology, a new (lighting?) technology is already on its way; carbon fibre nano-technology. This will be the new buzz word of the next 10 years…nano technology. I don’t know too much about it but I recently saw one of those programs on BBC Knowledge or similar TV program explaining the opportunities and benefits of this new technology. As the name implies it is unbelievably “nano”…very,very tiny. As my knowledge on this subject is limited I may not word it totally correct…bare with me 🙂

One of the current researches focusses on channelling light (by compressing the photons by about 100 times) through carbon fibre nano tubes. These nano tubes could replace what we now know as photo voltaic solar cells. The nano technology would allow you to only have tiny spots of “photo voltaic cells” rather than a whole roof full of (silicon) solar panels as we see today. This is also likely to be far less expensive then today’s solar panels which on top of that have limited lifespan and very long ROI’s. These little nano receptors would be about 10 micrometers long (1 millionth of a meter…wow!) and 4 micrometers thick. That little receptor would have about 30 million carbon nano fibres or tubes.

The interesting thing for lighting is that this nano fibre technology is not only able to conduct energy, receiving and transporting energy like for solar panels, but also able to emit energy in the form of light. Specifically in combination with the LED technology there are great expectations. Where LED technology “ends” and nano technology “starts” I don’t really know, but I understand that nano fibre technology is already part of the latest LED developments, specifically in the optical properties of LED’s. Interesting… I hope to share more about this in future blogs.

Light Watch 3-169: Nano technology

01. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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