Mumbai style

Mumbai, 21st November 2012

With the Gangnam Style hit song blaring from a local radio station through my drivers’ speakers on my way to site this morning I was reflecting on my project and how the local (Mumbai) culture was affecting the outcome in terms of lighting. I blogged yesterday already about my experiences on site. Symbolically the fact that the Gangnam Style is being played internationally where-ever you are sort of reflects that our lighting design work is really international. I am talking Mumbai style as I am here, but really it applies India wide.

It is really about how we integrate with the local culture and accommodate/ tolerate (or not) the local way of doing things. The famous head “swinging” is probably the most obvious element in any communication in India. It is a sort of approval/ acknowledgement without approving or acknowledging anything. Probably equivalent to a “no problem” answer, which in my language generally means there is a problem! J

They (contractors for instance) look at you, shake their heads and you still don’t know whether they understood or will take action or not. As long as you chase and drive the action things will happen, but the moment you turn your back or leave, somehow they find other important things to do and when you return you find out that nothing has really moved…sounds familiar?

Gangnam style, Mumbai style…

Light Watch 3-180: Mumbai style street images…


21. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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