Perth, 2nd November 2012

Motivation is a crucial driver in our line of work. Without motivation (and passion) it would be hard to keep it up as you deal with the ups and downs along the way to success. You learn from the “downs”, you get motivated and stimulated by the “ups”. I had a great “up” day today. I spending the morning with the project team mapping out the necessary forward actions for the façade lighting of a heritage project, which needs to comply within stringent guidelines for energy consumption, light emission and budgets. Design is not only about creating something beautiful, the challenge lies in being able to meet all criteria that make up a great creative, sustainable and affordable solution that everyone will enjoy and appreciate. Everyone was focussed and we made great progress.

In the afternoon I had my biggest “up”, a client who went into bat for me with his board of management because he strongly believed we were the better team for the job. His board of management and shareholders had been recommending another company. Now this is about helping a hotel convert from conventional to LED lighting technology to meet the new sustainability guidelines said by the operators head office. As lighting designers we deal continuously with the so called “green” consultants who do everything and nothing when it comes to sustainability. We face them continuously and have already lost many battles. The point however is that these consultants don’t understand the (human) design element (mood/ ambiance/ occupational health and safety) of lighting, they are just number crunchers. So to find a client who could really appreciate that when it comes to converting to sustainable lighting they should engage a lighting designer and NOT a green consultant or a lighting supplier was a great kick. It is great to see that when it comes to creating sutainable lighting solutions more and more clients realise that listening to these people will not get them anywhere!

Light Watch 3-170: Here is some motivation for your weekend, a novel way to get people excited! A great add created by French company Contrex, producers of mineral water. Check out the Video link: or


02. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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