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Singapore, 14th November 2012

Back from a relaxing long weekend, I am reading about US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visiting Perth this week and noted a new terminology, which I think is very much applicable to our work as lighting designers in this region at the moment. News reports identified a “new” region called Indo-Pacific (as in Asia Pacific). The underlying reason in politics and military point of view is the combined importance of both the Pacific Ocean region as well as the Indian Ocean region with key economies China, India and Indonesia. Not to forget their key strategic importance in regards to commodities, energy and earth metals!

For us (KLD) the focus is pretty much the same. With our offices aligned typically along the Australia-China axis (virtually all in the same time zone!), with a side step to India, I think it pretty much reflects the importance of this Indo Pacific approach to us as our key market. While we have an eye and the occasional project in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, it is clear that in this economic climate, the Indo Pacific region is the world’s main economic engine.

Having your projects spread throughout the Indo Pacific region at this point in time seems to be a good bet and strategic wise approach. I can well remember how disaster struck when I had my projects solely in the Asean countries in 97. When the Thai economy took down the whole Asean region I suffered badly, I had no way out. My then company disintegrated within the space of 6 months with projects stopping overnight and income virtually coming to a halt…very scary! But you learn from adversity and with the economy in the world (specifically the US and Europe) not in the best of shapes, having projects from Australian to China and from India to Indonesia (Indo Pacific) seems to give some balance and peace of mind. But there are no guarantees and you need to remain vigilant, continuously on the look for new opportunities, alliances and cooperations. Good and bad times come in waves, you just need to know how to ride them :)! Time will tell….

Light Watch 3-175: Economic woes aside, I spent my long weekend in a nice and quiet beach resort on the east coast of Malaysia, just few hours’ drive and a 30 min boat ride away from Singapore. Being away (without internet…a novelty for me!) and relaxing in the sun ans sea allows you to appreciate nature, daylight specifically as artificial night lighting is basic and practically non-existent…I went to explore light under water

14. November 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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