Up or down?

Singapore, 24th October 2012

There are many ways to skin a cat, or so goes the expression isn’t it? Likewise in lighting there is more then one solution to a lighting problem. I am currently discussing a courtyard lighting concept with a landscape consultant. Though I have never worked with them before, they seem to be quite well known. Isn’t it funny that time and again you “discover” companies that have been active in your field of work for donkey years and you had never heard of them before…?

Now I have worked with many landscape consultants over the years, some better than others, some more involved in the lighting concept than others. So it is quite normal to me to find a landscape consultant with some firm ideas about the lighting concept. No issues there. They generally leave it to us to work out the specifics and help then realise and define the overall concept and details. The brief we got from them was a general planting plan showing the proposed tree locations, footpaths, planter beds, etc. and some mood images showing the intended lighting effect they were after. The images clearly show a lighting technique we call “moonlighting” where lights are placed high up in the trees shining back to the ground to re-create the effect of moonlight. The effect produces interesting shadow patterns through its leaves and branches.

So we set of to work on the landscape design planning and selecting lights to achieve the desired effect. We then submitted that to the landscape consultant for review and coordination. To our surprise we got the feedback that we had it all wrong and that we needed to up light the trees! I double checked whether the mood images were still relevant as they may have changed their mind, but no the mood images were correct and we needed to up light the trees to achieve it! Now I have been in lighting more than 30 years and I know a moon light effect when I see one! The landscape consultant insists we have it wrong but I won’t budge because I know that moon lighting is the only way to achieve the effects shown in the mood image. Why can’t they leave it to the (lighting) expert? I am not commenting on whether the trees are right or wrong, that is their expertise! 🙂

Light Watch 3-164:Here are some up lighting and moon (down) lighting examples…see the difference for your self

24. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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