The buck stops with me

Singapore, 25-26th October 2012

Today is a public holiday in Singapore (Hari Raya Haji) so I am taking it easy, great time to tidy up lots of little things that had been lingering around as the rest of the team is enjoying a long weekend…no distractions! This week has really been about standing up for what I believe, both in design as well as in management. Running your own company has the added responsibility that the buck stops with you. I have no-one to pass it on to, so I have to own up or take responsibility; for the good of the company, for the good of the team, for the good the future.

It is not always easy to stand your ground as we deal with people having all sizes of ego’s, from hardly noticeable to plain in your face! Professionalism remains the key to dealing with all of them. On design issues it is for me generally quite straight forward…I know my stuff and I know when a client or other team member has a point, I will be the first to acknowledge. But I can’t appreciate the grandstanding that some egomaniacs project to show off. Specifically client representatives and architects who believe they are “God”. The best results are always achieved in team spirit where everyone respects each other and each-others expertise and skills. Ok, of course you have to earn respect first, but generally we are in a job because of the respect and name we have earned along the way.

Generally it comes back to me to deal with these “situations”, design issues with the project team, administration issues (generally payment :)) with the client. I can’t always just let it sit there as if I don’t stand up and clarify our position they will walk over you the next time. Often it is about setting the boundaries of the relationship…the buck stops with me.

Light Watch 3-165: Sydney is currently running its annual Sculptures by The Sea event, where selected artists from around the world have their artworks displayed along a trail that runs through several of Sydney’s famous beaches. Sydney Morning Herald’s photographer Peter Rae went out one early morning to catch the artworks at sunrise. In this day and age where the use of daylight is crucial in any design, a great inspiration to relax over the weekend!

26. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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