Staying in control

Singapore, 29th October 2012

Surprisingly I am still in Singapore, though I was supposed to be in Mumbai the next few days to commission one of our hotel projects. Unexpected safety issues on site and festive activities (run up to Deepavali) seems to have created delays to the extent it was judged by the client it be better for me to postpone my visit till a time my presence would be more effective. I can understand that, but to call at the eleventh hour, literally (I received the cancellation message late on Saturday night, is cutting it very thin, I had already checked in on line! So I find myself with some unexpected additional days in Singapore…

And as always in our profession there is never a dull moment! Sometimes they are exciting, sometimes they are unexpected, sometimes they are plain frustrating. Today I had a cocktail of all of these, but it is the unexpected and frustrating one that I want to highlight as it something that happens a lot. In our design process we deal with manufacturers, mostly with the principal office directly, to work out the best light fitting specifications for our lighting concept. While there are no guarantees in life we will generally support the specification throughout as it will assure we will be able to deliver the lighting effects we are after. But clients being clients, they will often try to find “cheaper” ways to get the same results, regardless whether we have proposed the best value for money. So from that perspective I can understand that manufacturers/ suppliers want to make sure they ”secure” their time and efforts, we all do.  But what I cannot stand if it is done behind your back and without consultation, which what I found out happened in one project.

However the architect duly informed us as well as the client who requested predictably that any design discussions on lighting should be carried out under our direction and in our presence. Direct approaches like that muddy the waters and only create confusion between the parties. It is imperative for a good result that we remain in control of the design process at all times 🙂

Light Watch 3-166: Talking about control and measures…Google seems to be one of those companies in total control of everything they do. We can hardly imagine life without Google these days, we use it all the time…they recently opened the doors and showed the media around their nerve centre…fascinating and colourful 🙂

29. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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