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Singapore, 4th October 2012

Earlier this year I met with a friend and colleague in the industry and ever since I promised to read his book and give him my opinion on the book (as he is supposed to do on my book!). Having written my own book and having exchanged books between us it’s kind of fun (and educational!) to explore the ideas that have driven the other to write and how they translated their thoughts and experiences onto paper. Ok Thomas, here it goes…

The book is called Lighting Perspectives and is a collaboration of experts from ERCO that have conceptionalised, designed and authored a book to illustrate what lighting and lighting design is all about. In the process I can only assume that it also represents ERCO’s philosophy about lighting, hence, as can be expected, the core of the book is about the intrinsic qualities of light. What I particularly like about the way the lighting issues are being tackled is the illustration by contrast. Just like life, were we have Ying and Yang, positive does not exist without negative!  By taking this approach throughout the book it contrasts nicely the various lighting techniques and experiences that you can have (or better still can create) with lighting. Hence we find the lighting qualities explained as light opposite dark, diffuse opposite direct, warm white against cool or coloured light and of course natural versus artificial light.

The book continues in the same style with two of the most important aspects of lighting; the interaction between light and space (the environment we live in) and the interaction between light and humans. Good lighting (design) has to harmoniously integrate with architecture and how light interact with surfaces and lighting patterns that are created in the process will determine our visual appreciation and understanding of the space. I keep saying that we do not design for lux meters and seeing a good part of the book dedicated to human issues is something to my heart.

The book of course makes generously use of all ERCO expertise and reference photographs, many originating from close cooperation with lighting designers from around the world. It surely is a fantastic reference book that will please many wanting to understand more about light, architecture and humans. It certainly puts lighting into perspective.

Light Watch 3-151: Lighting Perspectives printed by ERCO in Germany, ISBN 978-3-9813216-1-6.
Pictures from the official media release.

04. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Wow,I love products of ERCO,and I once translated this book into Chinese too. I feel excited to see all these pictures again.

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