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Singapore, 31st October 2012

“Light Talk, A year in the life of light” is now available as a PDF download.
Following many requests from friends and colleagues in the lighting industry, I have decided to make my book also available as a PDF download. With the Kindles and Ipads these days many like the convenience of carrying e-books rather then its (heavy) countrpart…so here it is. The hard copy still remains available for purchase (there are still many like me who prefer the real thing!). If after reading the softcopy you still would like to purchase the hard copy, you will only be charged the difference for the hard copy. We have introduced the download and buy button on the side of the blog, hopefully it all works well. After your payment is approved you should be able to download the PDF file. If you have any problems do let me know I will make sure you will get the soft copy.

For an “old school” lighting designer like me going paperless, digital with “soft copies” is still quite and adaptation process. While our kids are growing up in this electronic age (nowadays you can’t even do your school home work if you don’t have a computer, let alone access to search engines like Google) and find the availability of E-books, social networks and the like the most normal thing in the world, my generation is still slowly getting used to life without hand drawing plans or reading hard copy books. But truth be told, I do start to enjoy my Ipad and the ease of access to cyberspace at a touch while on the go. Having all your project plans and documents in your Ipad while on site safes you the trouble of carrying files of documents and site plans!

Light Watch 3-168: Proof that our lives are moving to a virtual, intelligent and wireless world is Philips latest offering just announced, called Hue, a web-enabled LED home lighting system that lets the consumer control and play with lighting through a free mobile app downloadable on your Iphone or Ipad. In an interesting move the Hue light bulbs are initially sold exclusively through Apple stores. See a short video or visit

31. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Hi, just wanted to point our HUE lights are not sold exclusively through apple stores, independent retailers like ourselves are now starting to stock them.

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