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Singapore, 30th October 2012

One of our great challenges as lighting designers in this age of LED technology is to keep up with the rapid developments. What you specify today maybe obsolete tomorrow and certainly with some projects running over a period of several years keeping abreast of what will be available soon is becoming a key part of our job. While I was not able to visit the Hong Kong Light Fair which closes its doors today, I heard from some colleagues visiting the fair that this year, more than ever, is about LED’s and LED’s. With the rapid pace of the LED developments it is becoming imperative to visit these fairs and have continuous interaction with your suppliers and manufacturers. They will be the first to knock on your door with new products, so my advice is keep your doors open and make time to meet them as it is becoming a near impossible task to personally chase after anything that might be new!

In our daily design work this means that we need to hold on to our specifications as long as possible and only release the technical specification at the very last possible moment in the project’s construction schedule. That creates a number of challenges if you need to provide dimensions and want to log in locations, quantities and budgets…it is bound to change along the way! With increasing performances (I was told some time ago) that on average performances increase with at least 10% a year and prices for the same decrease with about 10% a year, we need to keep vigilant! I would not be surprised if these figures are understated…

Light Watch 3-167: Light Therapy has been around for quite a while. But with LED technology developing at such a speed, new opportunities are popping up at rapid pace. A Dutch coffee joint, Bagels & Beans is offering a novelty…light therapy while having a coffee or a bite. The coffee, bagel and “light” combo includes 15 minutes of light therapy. In Northern countries days are short in the winter and some additional light therapy is a good alternative to combat the lack of daylight. The Luminette is developed by Lucimed. Here are some photo’s and a link to a short video to give you a feel. 🙂


30. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Hi Martin, that sounds interesting and might lead to a new shop concept of light for any kind shops, where you might stay for some time.
    Intersting for me, they offer the light via special glasses. When reading, my thoughts went to a light ceiling or walls, but this is different. I wonder, if this amount of light can change the hormonal reaction in us. If yes, I wonder if the LEDs are selected to medical demands, not to create problems to the retina later if I use it frequently. The tecnician in me is hooked.
    Keep on posting.

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