David and Goliath

Singapore, 12th October 2012

Taking on the industry giants in my fight to make our world a better LED world is quite daunting. This week I have been in a “fight” with one of LED’s industry leaders in regards to action that is needed to resolve the now longstanding problems of flickering and early lamp failure with LED’s in one of my projects.  Understandably the big guys have a lot to lose with sales of LED’s going through the roof, but while it may be acceptable to have these issues in private and residential environments, it certainly is not in professional and commercial applications. It is clear that the lamps, specially the retrofit LV LED’s operating on a conventional transformer, have been put into the market pressed by a huge demand for sustainable solutions and to meet green mark standards. Unfortunately in the process these lamps as it now appears, are still not fully developed with several issues still needing to be resolved. Research and development on the go…

If only the leading LED manufacturers could be forth right about it, at least with professional and experienced specifiers like myself, we could join hands in finding solutions. Instead they adopt a rather aggressive and arrogant stance, nearly bullying, proclaiming their lamps are fine and that there is nothing wrong with them. How come then that mine are still flickering and failing? And it is not only in conjunction with dimming systems, even down lights operated by a regular on-off switch or timers have similar symptoms. In the process the client looks at me like I don’t know what I am doing!

It has been more than a year now that the problems surfaced and from the latest feedback no specific time frame can be given when these issues can be resolved. Coming from one of the leading manufacturers this is a worrying statement. As I was told today, they are still “looking” for the root cause…whether that means they truly do not know what the root cause is or they know but don’t know how to solve it is anybody’s guess. Right now I feel like David fighting Goliath… admitting there is a problem and that for now they do not have a solution is a minor victory of sorts…

Light Watch 3-156: Over the years many people have attempted to photograph an exploding light bulb with time photography…here are some… Very symbolic for today; the end of the incandescent era and the beginning of a new one where the LED tzars take over our world…

12. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. There is hope Martin! Stay tuned this discussion curse and we all will take advantage of the truth :: working together also tomorrow…


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