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Kuala Lumpur, 9th October 2012

Today was one of the key defining moments in the life of a project and its lighting design specifically. In a “monster” presentation we covered all areas from interiors, to public areas, landscape and façade lighting. With the big boss client, project management and key architect consultant in attendance, these are moments that you either die on the battle field or gloriously move to the second round of design and detail development. To successfully master and move through the potential mine field you need a combination of skilled and well prepared presentations together with years of professional experience to present your lighting design concept to full appreciation and acceptation. Always come prepared (having been a scout in my youth this has always served me) and come with 150% to assure you can deliver 100% without missing a beat.

This was our first major concept presentation and we made sure we had covered all bases delivered more than expected backed with all necessary facts and figures, even sample light fittings, to deliver a full and comprehensive presentation and understanding of our lighting design concept to the client. Being prepared also provides you with that extra confidence that you have done your homework, which we had as we had previously coordinated all our design concepts with the major key consultants. This coordinated approach is key to success, if you are not on the same page as the rest of the team it is hard to foster a coordinated and successful end result.

A professional presentation also provides the client with peace of mind. If you already falter at the first hurdle, you can only imagine how this may affect the end result. People can be ruthless! If they see you are unsure about your design they will start the inquisition to make sure get your facts right. People like professionalism, and that is what client pay for in our profession. It’s sometimes scary to see what people get away with and sometimes I cringe my toes together when I see how badly some consultants are prepared.

I am pleased as we got through successfully today and will now move forward with confidence and most of all with the respect of the rest of the team.

Light Watch 3-153: Working with world renowned architects and designers demands the best from all team members. Projects have award winning potentials by definition fromthe start.
With the world architectural festival just finished in Singapore here are some of the award winners. Singapore’s Garden by the Bay, The heart of Doha in Qatar, a community center in Pornic, France and a sheepsfarm in Tasmania.

09. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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