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Singapore, 15th October 2012

In our daily life as lighting designers we deal with (“lighting”) people from all across the universe, from developers to contractors, from directors to workers, from manufacturers to suppliers. Depending on who you talk to, who you work with, who you work for, you get different views, different opinions and different reactions. Over the last week I was dealing directly with a manufacturer’s head office to work out a special project version of one their latest LED lighting products for one of my projects. Over the years I have of course build up a close and direct relationship with many of the main manufacturers’ head offices, so often I go directly to the source if I have special requests. Not necessarily because the local representatives are incapable, but knowing that they will contact the head office anyhow, I may as well shortcut the communication line and avoid things getting lost in translation. No disrespect…

But sometimes it blows up in your face as the local representative may not feel that involved and just rigidly follow their (local) company guidelines without any flexibility or imagination in the interpretation of overall company policies. Having worked out some special version (and special price to comply with budget requirements) with the head office, I was left red faced today when the local representative without consultation quoted standard prices to my client. They of course got a shock as they thought I had it all sorted out! In their (local supplier) view they just had to quote the normal rack rate (with all the regular margins and profits). Manufacturers’ head office however had worked out a special project rate (in consideration of the project) and logged in that price with me which I had communicated to the client. It somehow got lost in translation to te local supplier!

The morale of the story is of course that you cannot assume that everyone has the same point of view, knowledge or understanding as you have or you think you have. Never assume anything…This holds across the universe!

Light Watch 3-157: Your views may depend on what (you think) you see…Two men or a vase? Duck or a rabbit? Indian or eskimo? Agree to disagree…

15. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Even tomorrow we can honestly look in the eyes .:. clarified with my light object ‘Ray Of Hope’ from 1994 ::

    Thank you!

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